Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We are FAMILY...

"Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world."

Family traditions are something that doesn't lack in my family! Some of our traditions are probably rather boring to some but some are pretty creative and fun so I decided to share a few of them, feel free to let me know some of your traditions (heck, I might steal one of them if it sounds good!)

First and foremost we will start with January. Mark it on your calendars my birthday is the 21st, no we don't do anything outrageous for my birthday but I do enjoy presents and can give you my address if you need it. This actually does start off a family tradition--BIRTHDAYS. My "Mema," has a birthday dinner for everyone's birthday in the same month (lucky me, I'm the only one in January so it's all about Bekah-but I think it should always be that way!) Mema is an awesome cook and she lets the birthday people pick what they want to eat, she does all the cooking, and then it's time for the party. Prior to eating my Pa prays and blesses the food and the birthday person gets to go first. Yippie!

-Mother's Day-My Aunt Kelly often has us all over to her house and we celebrate our Mother's, Grandmothers, and Aunts for blessing us in so many ways. Yes, we eat eat eat.

-Easter--Sunday dinner is great. (Again, Mema is an awesome cook). We of course eat the ever tasty Easter meal after going to church and then the big and fun part comes in (which I think is very creative on my Mema's part). She gets tree limbs from outside, makes a tree, and somehow bright colored eggs appear on the tree. Inside the eggs someone gets to find the GOLD, all of the eggs have money in them but one certain egg has more than everyone else along with candy. (Don't worry, I tried to cheat on this game and find out what egg had the most and they switched it up because I was eying the egg with the GOLD in it!). It's a big competition to see who can find the egg with the most money!

Throughout the summer months, we go camping (often in at the same campground-same camping spot) where lots of memories and good times are made. The kids have a blast getting dirty, spending time doing outdoors things, and getting to spend time with one another.

The Fourth of July-for many years has consisted of going to my Aunt and Uncle's house where we BBQ and watch fireworks by their pond; however, lately has been going to Smithville Lake while camping to watch the display there. Either way-time spent with Family.

September is a big birthday month for our family- My Pa, My cousin, -sister in law, and aunt. You better believe we are partying fools, and yes, by "partying fools," I mean eating a lot, playing cards/games, and taking naps.

The Fall time is one of my favorite times of the year as I feel like so much time is spent with the family. October-Carving pumpkins at my Aunt and Uncles house has been a long tradition since I was a child and continues until this day! My Aunt and Uncle's house burnt down several years ago but we didn't let that stop us; we carved with barely any lights, tables we brought in just to carve pumpkins, and no furniture.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving we pack up the car (we're leaving in the morning) and head to Branson. We enjoy times of shopping, eating tasty food, family fun, and of course seeing the fun things at Silver Dollar City related to Christmas including the thousands of Christmas lights. I tell stores to the kids and even had one of my nieces looking for her imaginary friend all over Branson (Her name was Kalita and I still get in trouble for this) This is a fun outing and many memories have been made-

Thanksgiving-Yum, we will eat lots of food, taking naps, eat lots of food, and take more naps. My Mema always had us look through JcPenny's catalogs as children and circle what we wanted for Christmas. Although we're a little older we still look through the adds and see what store we are going to stay the night at. Best Buy was two years ago, Wal Mart last year to get the latest steal. From standing in line all night to my sister in law being in the basement buying stuff online at her house-this really is a team effort. :)

Christmas-Christmas Eve we always go to my Mema and Pa's house and spend the day with them-again eating (seems like we do a lot of that), opening gifts, taking naps (yes, a lot of that too), and enjoying time with the family. For many years the three of us "Turner," kids always stayed the night at our mom and dad's house that night and got to open one present before Christmas---since my brother and sister are both so "grown up," now they come up that day. You better believe I still stay the night at my mom and dad's house that night (which is the same house they've been in since I was 18 months old) and even got snowed in for a couple of days last year. My brother and sister bring their families to my mom and dads, the "big kids" get a BINGO lottery ticket in their stockings to play before opening presents (My sister in law wins every single year), and then the kids pass out the gifts. I am still selected to help pass out the gifts but with my nieces and nephews getting so big I'm sure they will be taking my job soon---they did learn from the best.

You are probably wondering what these crazy pictures have to do with traditions-Yep, you brought me to my last one. Anytime we get a family picture taken we end up being goofy and calling it the "Simpson Pose." We aren't normal, never will be, and don't want to be...we are the TURNER's (and I'm luck to be one!).

(This is my brother, sister, and I being as "normal," as we can be---but what's normal anyway?)

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