Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Mr. will not destroy me...Love, Beky

Something was really weighing heavy on my heart to go to church tonight. I've never found a church in my "adulthood," that I've fallen in love with besides one. I haven't been in a while as I've tried other churches and to be honest have been lazy in going to church. I'm not certain what was pulling at me so much to go but I came home from work, ate really quick, got some gas and I was on my way.

I was so excited to go and then realized that the church I was going to had construction all around it and couldn't figure out how to get there. I went into Quik Trip as the church is basically in the back yard and thought the clerks would know. I asked two clerks and they were clueless (didn't even realize there was a church behind them). The Third Clerk said that he thought you could go around a back way.

I was off on my journey to go the "back way," and you guessed all I saw were ROAD CLOSED signs and you couldn't get there. I tried to go through the road signs but turns out they aren't lying when it says road closed.

I just kept driving around thinking how I was going to get there. I went back to QT and had decided I would park there and walk to the church (a.k.a the back yard of QT that no one knew was a church). I walked through the wet water, and was thinking to my khaki pants are going to look terrible once I get to church after off-roading it! Then I saw the light,

Yep, CVS saved my day. There was in fact a road from CVS that would lead me only to the church when going through their parking lot. My Happy Honda drove right over to the church (gravel road, muddy, with lots of pot holes) and was hoping I would make it without getting stuck---especially since Anthony was at work and didn't figure my dad would want to come rescue me. Driving in, I thought, "Man, the devil has tried to stop me how many times with going to church tonight." Don't worry folks...Bodacious Beky made it to church despite the devil trying to get me down.

I've attached my favorite Christian song at that time that makes me think of many times the devil tries to get us down...
Check, check, check it out!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

No I'm not gonna cry...

If anyone has seen me in the past two-three months you will see a white monster on my right eye. Somehow I have developed severely dry eyes and feel like a freak of nature as a result of my dry eyes I have this small creature. My eyes don't produce enough tears (odd I know) so I'm currently on not one, not two, but THREE prescription eye drops. I go back in two weeks to see if the third prescription they put me on is improving my eyes and if not your beloved friend gets to have surgery on my eyes with putting things called Punctal Plugs into my eyes. So the next time you see me don't think I'm crying, that I got beat up, or that I'm high on drugs. Nope, simply just an odd duck!! However, I must be thankful that I have eyes and can see the following things:

-My hot boyfriend
-My nieces (2) and nephews (2)
-My friends/family
-The dishes that are in my sink that I'm not planning on doing tonight.
-The closet full of laundry that needs to be washed---and not certain when that will be done.
-And even my to do list at work---which I feel like never gets anything marked off it...guess I can't see that part very well :)
-My hair that I rarely fix (I need a new hair-do baby---any suggestions let me know!)
-My bank account that is lacking money (thanks to being on so many eye medication I'm broke as a joke---costing me almost $100 per month currently for these meds--yep, I will be buying stock in eye drops).
-The chocolate cake my Aunt left in my fridge
-My pants that aren't fitting anymore (see chocolate cake reference for further information regarding this matter).
-Calendars that show my friends/families birthdays and important holidays (contrary to popular belief I do know people's birthdays although it often takes me a year to get a gift or card to someone--at least everyone knows I"m going to be late).
-My $8.00 new bed set I bought---yep you read correctly new comforter, shams, and bed skirt for only 8 bones and it's freaking cute...Target Special.
-All the dots I keep posting in here....

Although my eyes often hurt and least I don't look like my sister (pictured above) Love you Stac

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I accepted the position of an Aunt

Being an Aunt is such an amazing thing...I can't even imagine how much fun it would be to be a Mother. I thought I would share my little guys with the world with a little fun information about them and things I love about each and everyone. I have two nephews and two nieces, read on to meet them but realize their in no particular order. :) As an Aunt, I take my job seriously to do the following things: spoil them, teach them things they shouldn't do, give them toys that make lots of noise, get the wound up and then leave (I'm really good at that), and love them unconditionally even with the following crazy pictures:

Meet Emily:

Emily is the first born. She's a blast to be around. She loves doing just about anything and has an imagination like no other. "EM," loves to be the star of the show. The last time I babysat her she was on top of a stool (not certain she was suppose to be doing that--hope my brother doesn't read this!) singing at the top of her lungs. I think she might make her Aunt Bekah rich someday. Em has a special place in my heart but wish she would stop growing!! This picture is Em and I laying in the shade and of course being silly.

William Aiden Turner. "Aiden" or "Bubba," is the Fourth Generation of being a William Turner. He carries the name with lots of strength. Aiden loves being around people, comes up with the funniest things out of no where, and has an imagination like you wouldn't believe. Today Aiden was collecting sticks at my mema's house and he told me that we were going to have a Camp Fire. We were at a family reunion so I thought maybe we were and I didn't get the memo. He proceeded to tell me that yes, in fact we were having a camp fire that his Aunt Stac told him (my sister). The boy had me thinking we were having one and I was looking forward to smores until I asked my sister and she didn't know anything about it :) What an imagination. :) Aiden always has a ton of energy and ready to tackle the world!

Kaylee Girl, "KK," is a diva at the age of 4. KK is a shy little girl to most people but once you know her watch out. Kaylee often sticks to those she knows and loves which isn't a bad thing! I took Kaylee with me when I got my dog at the shelter. She was scared out of her mind but then talked about "Jazz," and had a doggy day care for nearly a month after at my mom's house whom babysits her. In this picture Kaylee is being a wild woman and eating ice cream. Kaylee had milk allergies and is now free to eat eggs, drink milk, and even enjoy ice cream. This is Kaylee showing off her ice cream eating skills. You can't get mad at a kid when they love ice cream when they couldn't have it at first :)

Alijah, "AJ, Lijah Boy," AJ is the youngest guy and a doll at that. Watch out ladies, his dimples will melt your heart. AJ was born with severe food allergies and I was the lucky one to help him find this out. When AJ was three months old, his mom gave him Soy, much to my dismay we were at a baseball game and he projectile vomited on me about three times. I'm not talking about a small amount...I'm talking like 6 gallons of milk. He was in and out of the hospital a lot his first year of life but now he's going strong and learning to eat new things. AJ continues to have severe food allergies and requires total support ensuring he doesn't even get a pinch of one of his trigger foods or it could be a tough day for AJ. AJ is an onery little cuss. If you tell him not to do something he will but it's cute. AJ's only two but a smart cookie at that--my mom has blessed her grandchildren with knowing what the "Swat Spoon," is-ouchie waa waa. Myself, bro, and Sis and I got the swat spoon used on us numerous times as kids. Anytime I babysit AJ and he starts doing something in which he knows he shouldn't he stops to think and then says, "Bekah, do you have a WAT Poon?" He's smart because he asks before he gets himself into trouble :)

Being an Aunt has made me happy in so many ways. I love asking the kids, "Whose going to be the first one to give me a hug?" The kids come running, they get wound up, and then that's my cue to leave.