Friday, November 26, 2010

Google stalking

Wow, life goes fast and sometimes you don't even realize how fast it goes. I use to (hear the word, use to) work out at the North Kansas City Community Center and was there so often I met several people. There was one guy that was really nice, Todd, and he often talked to my roommates and I about ways to help us get healthier and always had a tip how to do something better. He gave me several work out plans of which I was always excited to get started. The last time I saw Todd he didn't look very good and I was actually in awe that it was him because he looked about 15 years older than what I'd last seen him; however, he was playing basketball so I didn't go and talk to him.

Well, every once in a while I like to google search people (I know I'm weird but you can find out a lot about someone from the internet), to see what their up to and as I googled Todd I found that he passed away two years ago from pancreatic cancer and I had no idea. I wondered why I hadn't seen him around town as I often saw him out at clubs, grocery stores, and other places besides the gym. Thinking about it in my head, I'm sure when I saw him and thought he didn't look good he was probably going through chemo, radiation, or simply couldn't figure out why he wasn't feel well. Looking back, I wish I would've gone and talked to him and maybe given him that little bit of encouragement he may have needed for the day.

I know he impacted several individuals lives as he was an AAU coach for young girls basketball and no doubt in my mind those girls had a tough time saying bye to him. I pray his family is doing okay and maybe just maybe Todd was on my mind because he was trying to tell me to work out! Rest in peace Todd and thanks for showing me how precious life really is...

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